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    We are the Shizuoka International Business Association(SIBA), that supports companies’ oversea business in Shizuoka Prefecture. Except of over 200 members companies we also have a network of companies involved in overseas business, so please use it as an option for your job hunting. SIBA Career Support Center (SCSC) matches with companies in Shizuoka prefecture for foreign students attending universities and junior colleges in Shizuoka prefecture and Japanese students who are interested in overseas business. We also introduce companies and permanent residents / long-term residents who are fluent in languages as a free employment agency with the permission of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

    The following members will help you find a job.

  • Khine

    Hello everyone. My name is Khine from Myanmar. I lived in Shizuoka city for 11 years since I came to Japan.

    Shizuoka Prefecture has a variety of industries because its geography is long and wide. And the weather is warm and the food here is so delicious because here is blessed with nature. Mt.Fuji is my favorite and it never made me feel sick of Shizuoka in my daily life.

    I like Shizuoka very much so now I am helping in the match with international students to the companies in Shizuoka because I wish all of you to stay in such a nice place to live comfortably.

  • Mizuno

    Good evening! I am planning the workshop for companies in Shizuoka Prefecture to be useful to their expansion of the business overseas, and discussion with their problems.

    I thought I would love overseas business if I do this job, but in fact, I became more and more love to Shizuoka. There are a lot of attractive companies in Shizuoka. And there are surprisingly many types of businesses out there. With the idea that ‘if I knew this when I was a student, I would have more options to choose.

    So now I am here now to provide you more options to choose for your future career. Please use SIBA as much as you can for your career, for your worry…

  • Ikushima

    I am doing adviser in SIBA for expansion business overseas and recruiting. So, you can discuss with me anytime for your future career.

    For example, if you are worried about your Visa or exchanging your residence status, I can explain it to you. And I can provide you with what and how many kinds of Shizuoka’ companies are expanding in your mother country. So, feel free to discuss with me~

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