• Introducing to Internship Program

    Introducing companies in Shizuoka prefecture that need global human resources.

In this internship program, we SIBA helping facilitate the matching of Shizuoka’s companies and foreign students (who attending the university which is a member of the consortium of universities & local communities) and Japanese students (who has experience in studying abroad).

More further, we have expected the globalization of the companies inside of Shizuoka Prefecture by interacting with global human resources.



Acceptance daysAbout 1 to 5 days
TargetForeign Students( who attending the university inside of Shizuoka Prefecture & Japanese Students (who has experience in studying abroad)


  • 1.Submission of application guidelines to the secretariat.
  • 2.If the student is selected and decided, introduced by the secretariat, or designated by the company at an exchange meeting, the student concerned.
  • 3.Schedule adjustments with students (* Please contact the students directly by email)
  • 4.Contact the secretariat of the schedule.
  • 5.Internship implementation.
  • 6.Submission of questionnaire to the secretariat.

Contact Us

Shizuoka Prefectural Industrial Economy Hall 4F, 44-1 Otemachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka 420-0853
Shizuoka International Economic Promotion Association (SIBA)
Person in charge: Khine Mail: khine@siba.or.jp TEL: 054-254-5161


Recipient Companies

SSK Foods Corporation 製造業, 販売系
OGI Co.,Ltd 製造業 job Posting
USUI CO., LTD. 製造業 job Posting
HIRATE 情報・通信 job Posting
PiPHOTONICS,INC 製造業 job Posting
maeBe Co., Ltd. 情報・通信 job Posting
Sanei Hytechs Co. , Ltd. 情報・通信 job Posting

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